Our mission

Core Life Analytics empowers life scientists by giving them access to powerful yet easy to use web-based data analytics tools, that allow them to, rapidly and independently, mine their high content and high throughput data. Our products help them to leverage the power of cloud computing in generating the new knowledge required for the development of the cures of tomorrow.

Our team

David Egan

David Egan has almost 20 years’ experience in the delivery of high throughput screening services in both academia and industry; most recently at the Cell Screening Core, a screening facility at UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands. The experience of seeing his clients struggling to analyze large complex datasets with the result that many of them were underutilized inspired him to pursue the development of HC StratoMineR that would allow these clients to independently carry out high quality analysis of their data. He is a co-founder and CEO of Core Life Analytics.

Wienand Omta

Wienand Omta received a Bachelor's degree in Computing Sciences and his Master's degree in Medical Informatics at the Utrecht University and then decided to pursue a PhD in Bioinformatics. In the course of his thesis work at the Cell Screening Core he worked on the development of HC StratoMineR and other web-based data analytics tools. He has 13 years of experience in programming and has taught courses in advanced statistics and data mining at bachelors and masters level. Wienand is passionate about the development of tools that give non-specialists access to advanced methods and is especially focused on usability. He is a co-founder and CTO at Core Life Analytics.

Job Mooij
Full Stack Developer

Job Mooij is a Full Stack Developer and joined our team as Employee #1. He was introduced to Core Life Analytics when he completed a ten week project in the Spring of 2019 and subsequently a nine month internship. He worked on the implementation of a module for interactive visualizations in the StratoMineR platform. This module offers the user to easily compare various data analysis strategies. He continues to work on this project with great enthusiasm as we continue the development of the StratoMineR platform. Job is also a student at Leiden University in the masters program for computer science. For recreation he enjoys cycling and walking his dog.

Victor Wong
Application Scientist

Victor Wong received his Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Toronto. He was a Canadian Institute of Health Research Fellow and conducted his postdoctoral training at Weill Cornell Medicine. He has diverse experience in a number of therapeutic fields, and his scientific focus has been on target discovery and validation to find novel treatments for a number of diseases such as diabetes, hearing loss, and neurological disorders. He is experienced in disease modeling in vitro and in vivo, as well as developing and driving high throughput drug discovery platforms for target selection, lead identification and optimization, and pre-clinical studies. As he saw bioanalytical technology rapidly advancing, and life sciences data sets grow in scale and complexity; Victor was motivated to join Core Life Analytics to help provide rapid and unbiased analytical tools to streamline the high throughput therapeutic development process for scientists everywhere. As an Application Scientist at Core Life Analytics, Victor works closely with our users to help them to leverage the full power of the StratoMineR platform.

Wietse Mulder

Wietse Mulder is the founder and CEO of GenDx BV a company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, that offers innovative solutions for high resolution HLA typing. GenDX is especially well-known for their unique HLA gene amplification approach and intuitive software package: SBTexcellator® and SBTengine®. Wietse's entrepreneurial spirit together with his infectious enthusiasm and drive have proven to be a good mixture for undertaking new initiatives including KimerDx BV, a company offers accurate transplant monitoring tests that are used to follow the engraftment for a long period of time. Wietse’s advice and continued support of Core Life Analytics has be invaluable as we work to establish and grow the business.

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