IC StratoMineR Beta

IC StratoMineR is our next product that is currently under development. It is an online application for the analysis of dose response data. Our goal is to deliver a tool that will allow users to upload raw data, (in matrix or linear format), carry out data normalization, and calculate IC50s or EC50s, all in one intuitive application. This will eliminate the cutting and pasting of data from application to application that is currently often required.

The functionality in the Beta version is still limited but are giving users the opportunity to contribute to the project by giving feedback on the functionality that they would like to see incorporated. Help us to build the analytics tool that suits your needs.

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The IC StratoMineR Beta workflow

Data Upload

Upload numeric data in text files in a standard format. A choice of delimiters is possible.

Meta Data

Separate analytical features from metadata such as plate and well identifiers. Both numeric and alphabetic well identifiers can be used.

Variable Selection

Decision supported elimination of features that are not useful, including those that are non-numeric, discrete, have no variation across the data set; or those that contain excessive amounts of missing data.

Curve Fitting

Assign reagent classes. Carry out blank subtraction and plate normalization. Fit curves and report IC50s or EC50s.

Help us to build the functionality that you need

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