HC StratoMineR

A powerful yet intuitive data analytics solution for organizations that generate high content data. A secure cloud-deployed application that allows biologists to rapidly mine their data sets. Also suitable for traditional high throughput data.

IC StratoMineR

A complete solution for dose response data. Raw data storage, data normalization and curve-fitting; all in one cloud-deployed application.

Data Analytics Consulting

Core Life Analytics can offer custom data analytics services to clients who have needs that cannot be met by our products. This can include the implementation of specific data preprocessing steps, assistance and advice with data analysis strategies, assistance on specific data visualizations or the development of custom tools that incorporate methods or scripts that you are currently using.

Cloud Deployment Consulting

Take advantage of Core Life Analytics expertise and experience to leverage the power of the cloud for your project. We can advise and assist on the deployment of software that is currently hosted locally, allowing you to deliver a scalable more cost efficient solution.

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